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Depth you can feel

carved collection 001


Tactile Depth

This method uses precision etching to carve a deeper, more noticeable depth that you can feel. Adding dimensional quality to the metal.

enhanced detail

The carved areas provide a dramatic contrast
emphasizing the design and making it pop.
Showcasing intricate details that catch the light and eye.

Durability and Uniqueness

The designs are etched deeply into the card, ensuring they won't fade over time and giving each card a unique, long-lasting finish.

Why Choose Engraven Carved?

First Access & Discounts

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Limited Edition

Each card is a limited edition masterpiece, crafted with precision and destined to become a collector’s item. Once they're gone, manu of our designs may never return.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each card undergoes hours of meticulous carving to ensure the highest quality. We blend advanced technology & manufacturing partners to create bespoke works of art.