Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do:

🌟 Transform Your Plastic Card: We turn your old plastic debit or credit card into a stunning, METAL CARD!

🔁 Seamlessly Transferred: Your EMV chip and magnetic strip effortlessly migrate to your new metal card. (Patent Pending Technology)

💳 Ready for Action: Enjoy full functionality with SWIPE and INSERT options, conquering transactions with style.

📲 Tap to Pay? Your Smartphone's Got You: While tap and pay won't work on the metal card, your smartphone still can.

  1. Order and Confirmation: Once you've completed your order on our website, watch for an email containing shipping instructions and next steps.
  2. Prepaid Shipping: We've got you covered. We'll Email you a prepaid shipping label along with instructions to make sending your old card to our Boise, Idaho facility hassle-free.
  3. Swift Transformation: Our expert team gets to work. We transfer all the data from your existing plastic card to your new, gleaming metal card using our cutting-edge technology.
  4. EMV Chip Magic: Our Patent Pending Technology works its magic. We carefully extract the EMV chip from your original card and place it securely onto your new metal card.
  5. Fast Turnaround: We're all about speed. On average, our USA customers receive their new metal card within 4-6 business days from sending in their old card.
  6. Original Card Returns: Worried about saying goodbye? Don't be. Your original card, along with your freshly minted personalized metal card, will be on their way back to you.

Important Note: Remember, once we've transferred your EMV chip, your original plastic card won't be functional anymore. But with your new metal card, you're all set to embrace a new era of payments!

Absolutely, your security is paramount. We specialize in trust, while crafting unique, custom cards for our long-term customers, building a foundation of trust and reliability.

For a fully functional custom card, sending your existing card is necessary. We never ask for sensitive details like PINs or social security numbers.

If you have concerns, you can send a zero-funds card, an inactive one, or freeze your card during processing. Your data is held only as needed, and once your metal card is done, all personal information is deleted.

Your confidence and safety are our priorities, every step of the way.

Engraven Card Co. is a Federally recognized corporation, & holds one of a kind USPTO Patent Pending Technology & Trademark.

"Where is my card going?"

First, your card gets delivered to our secure, locked, PO box. All orders are processed and fulfilled SAME DAY as receiving from our Facility in Boise, Idaho. upon receiving your card, you will be notified, and sent return tracking information.

"Is my information safe?"

Your personal card information is never stored, displayed, or viewed by any person(s) other than the Payment Compliance Certified staff of Engraven. Through the combination of our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted website as well as our secure transaction processing system by, we GUARANTEE safe keeping of your personal information when in possession of your card(s).

Your card WILL NOT be charged by Engraven during the upgrade process. We recommend you temporarily "freeze / lock" your card before shipping it to us.

Yes, we've got you covered with our exclusive "Card Care" option available during checkout for an additional $60.

Here's What You Get:

  1. Free Replacements & Upgrades: Opting for Card Care means you're entitled to up to two free card replacements and upgrades within a two-year period. That's our commitment to ensuring your payment experience remains seamless.
  2. Qualification: To enjoy these benefits, make sure to select the Card Care option during your purchase. You can purchase card care within 14 days of your original purchase. It's a simple step that ensures you're eligible for the coverage.
  3. Shipping & Handling: For US orders, there's a $25 shipping and handling fee for each occurrence, while international orders will have a $65 fee. It's a small price for hassle-free service.
  4. Beyond the Basics: In case you need additional replacements after your two free ones, rest assured, we're still here to assist. Just keep in mind that there will be an additional cost for these replacements.

Reasons for Replacement:

You might find yourself needing a new card for various reasons, including expiration, loss, theft, damage, and more. With Card Care, you're prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Secure your payment journey with Card Care and experience worry-free transactions and upgrades.

Certainly! We stand by the quality of our products. Engraven Card Co provides a warranty for the ORIGINAL purchased defective card, valid for 45 days from the order date.

Please note that our warranty covers specific instances of defects. These include scenarios where:

- The magnetic strip detaches from the metal card

- The EMV chip or magstripe becomes nonfunctional and isn't being read by card machines. It's important to ensure the issue is consistent across various card readers before reaching out to us.

However, it's essential to clarify that our warranty does not extend to situations involving lost, damaged, or stolen cards. Unfortunately, replacements cannot be provided for these cases.

We're committed to your satisfaction and will promptly address any valid warranty claims within the specified time frame.

What if My Bank Re-issues a Debit or Credit Card due to Possible Fraud?

No worries, we've got you covered. If your bank decides to re-issue your debit or credit card within the initial 45 days from when you received your card, due to suspected association with fraud at compromised retail stores, we'll make sure you receive a replacement card from us. Your peace of mind is our priority!

On average, the total turnaround time is 4-6 business days!

We provide you with a FREE priority USPS shipping label. Once you ship your card, it will take 2 days to arrive at our facility.

We fulfil your order the SAME DAY as receiving! That's right! We drop off your card the same day to FedEx with an express shipping label.

We specialize in quick service to ensure you are without your card for the least amount of time possible! 

Any design is possible!

Have an idea? Need some help? Work with one of our in-house designers to get a preview of what your card will look like.

Custom design orders should be placed directly through our interactive card customizer (Click Here). You can opt in, to work with a designer and receive a preview of what your card will look like.

If you’d like to see a preview before purchasing, send any design requests/images to: to get in touch with our designers!

You have the flexibility to initiate a return within 30 days from the original purchase date. Please note that a deduction of $35 for shipping and handling will apply.

Keep in mind that after the initial 30-day period, all sales become final. We're committed to ensuring your experience meets your expectations and hope to address any concerns promptly.

Please contact: to initiate a return.

Great question! While our metal cards are designed for stylish transactions, there are a few considerations when it comes to ATMs and certain machines.

ATM Usage:
Using metal cards in ATMs or machines that require full card insertion isn't recommended. The robustness of the metal card can pose an issue in some machines, potentially leading to card ejection problems. We advise using the metal card only in machines where part of the card remains exposed, allowing for easy retrieval if needed.

However, your original plastic card can still be used in ATMs without the EMV chip. The magnetic strip on your plastic card will be read by the ATM machines. So, for ATM transactions, your plastic card or smartphone are the preferred options.

Contactless Convenience:
For quick and secure transactions, you can set up your smartphone with contactless features like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to access ATMs. If you're unsure about the setup, your bank representative can guide you through the process.

In Case of a Stuck Card:
If your metal card gets stuck in a machine, don't worry. Simply visit your branch with proper identification, and they'll help you retrieve your card.

Functionality Assurance:
Rest assured, your new metal card works everywhere your plastic card does. The only difference is the housing of the EMV chip, which is now in metal rather than plastic. Remember, the heart of your card is the EMV chip, not the material around it.

Feel free to enjoy the stylish convenience of your metal card, while keeping these tips in mind for smooth transactions.

Should you have any further questions, our dedicated bank representatives are always here to assist you!